Re: Merry belated Christmas to everyone, Win10PE is here for those who are interested

Monica Jones

Thanks bunches, Carlos, I’ve installed many programs but nothing like this. The main reason I haven’t installed is because I was afraid of losing speech with no sighted help which I can hear with Windows.

From: Carlos
Sent: Friday, January 15, 2016 7:08 AM
Subject: [TechTalk] Merry belated Christmas to everyone, Win10PE is here for those who are interested
As the subject says, I have created a Windows 10 based PE as some have requested.  I have put a lot of effort into building these images so I hope they work as expected and that everyone finds them useful.  Before I continue, I will give a brief description of a PE since every time I post updates there are inevitably questions about this Chinese that the rest of us are speaking.
PE stands for Pre-installation Environment.  It is basically a bootable environment which can be used for troubleshooting technical issues, recovering files if your system has for some reason been rendered unbootable, restoring disk images, installing Windows with speech, and other similar emergencies.  A PE is built using the Windows installation files so it is basically like booting into a very stripped down version of Windows.  It works just like Windows without all the bells and whistles.  A PE generally includes utilities for troubleshooting/repairing a system, but it is intentionally kept small so that it can fit on to a CD/DVD or flash drive.  For the last several years, I have been maintaining a PE based on Windows 7, but there have been changes over the last few years which now make it nearly impossible for most newer machines to boot from a PE based on Windows 7 and that is what this message refers to when I say I have built new images of a PE based on Windows 10.
Now on with the party.  What's new.  Well a few things.
1. Since these images are built using Windows 10, I was able to configure them for booting on systems running in either UEFI or legacy BIOS mode.  At least in theory.  Of course, I will need volunteers to help with testing since I don't currently have any machines that are running in UEFI mode.  Both the 32 and 64 bit images booted for me just fine in BIOS mode.  Also, audio and network drivers may not be as much of a concern as I initially thought since this project seems to already include some drivers.  As for what kind of coverage we'll get, I really have no idea.  It is possible that some users may have to resort to USB audio devices if sound is not working on the primary system card.
2. As usual, I updated many of the utilities including NVDA to their latest versions.  Although it is worth keeping in mind that a couple of utilities like NTPWEdit the account password remover and Active@ Disk Image Lite the free disk imaging software have not been updated since before Windows 10 was released.  One of the reasons I waited so long to release a new update was in part because I wanted to at least see if Active@ Disk Image Lite would be updated, but my patience has it's limits.  I included them anyway since they are still useful for earlier versions of Windows, but you have been warned and you apply them to Windows 10 at your own risk.  I did not transfer all of the utilities included in Win7PE.  Only the most useful ones.  Many of them were added by the original developer and not necessarily consistently useful.  If anyone believes that anything important was excluded or thinks of anything that might be worth including, let me know and we'll discuss it for future updates.
3. There are now only two images.  Both the 32 and 64 bit images are self-extracting and self-writing.  You can choose to write either one to a DVD or flash drive without any additional tools.  The old method I was using to create the USB images would not allow for this trick so I wound up with four large files instead, but since I now have to use Rufus to write the ISO images properly for the hopefully flexible boot compatibility, I was able to use a bit of cleverness to reduce the number of images.  Of course if it works out, this will also mean less storage space to host the files.  LOL is cleverness even a word?
For now, I have removed the Win7PE images from the download site.  Rob Hudson has been generously hosting these files for quite some time now.  I have not discussed this update with him yet and I don't know what his storage limits might be.  If anyone desperately needs the Win7PE images in the meantime, contact me privately and perhaps we can arrange for something.  As usual, feedback is appreciated.
The link for the download page is below.
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