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Gerald Levy

I have Open Book 9 installed on my Win7 PC, but Eloquence is not listed as an option in NVDA for the SAPI 4 synthesizer. My understanding is that NVDA only recognizes Open Book 7 running under XP and not later versions running under Windows 7 or higher, because OB 7 apparently had an unrestricted license.


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use your installed version of open book which contains it, or, K1000 has
Eloquence which can and I use it with NVDA.
Curtis Delzer, HS.
San Bernardino, CA

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"Gerald Levy" <> wrote:

On my old XP PC, I was able to use Eloquence as my default voice for NVDA because I also happened to have Open Book 7 installed as well. But on my current Windows 7 PC, the only default voices available for NVDA are Microsoft Anna or ESpeak, neither of which appeals to me because they are not especially clear or responsive. I am well aware that Eloquence is not available legally as a free voice for NVDA in Win 7, so I won’t even bother to get into a discussion about this sensitive issue. In any case, are there any other free voices available for NVDA that are clearer and more responsive than Anna or ESpeak? Thanks.


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