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George Zaynoun

I am typing recover in the startmenu search box then from the list there is one in control panel about recovery in it there is a restart now button and here I am waiting say 30 seconds then I down arrow without speech once and if I have Carlos's win10pe on a fat32 formatted usb drive in the pc windows boots from it.
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Hi Billy,
You can either change the boot sequence in the BIOS or you can just select
the drive from the boot menu if you know the key which activates it on your
system. F12 seems to be most commonly used, but it will vary depending on
the manufacturer.
As for installing Windows, it does not include a copy of the Windows
installation files. Once you have booted into the PE, you have to manually
run Windows setup from your own copy of the installation files or
installation media. You will have speech available during the initial part
of setup. You will lose speech when setup needs to reboot, but at that
point no further interaction is required until the installation is complete.
When the installation is complete, you can just start Narrator with Windows
key U which should work in all versions of Windows going back to XP or
Windows key Enter which sounds like it may work on Windows 10 on the setup
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hi Carlos, hope you don't mind me asking,
I take it you have to change the bios boot up sequence before running the
win10 USB version of the win10p software?, and if so, does the program setup
program run to the complete install, or are there some things to do during
instalation?, Billy
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I don't believe Windows Enter works on the setup screen. I'm pretty sure it
only works after setup is complete on Windows 8 and 10.
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the key combo is windows and enter thats an easy key combo windows u
and alt n will also work but it sometimes may click on next
On 1/21/16, Matt <> wrote:
Hi, Carlos has one now for w10 he made so you might want to get it. See
below for info on it.

I was bored so I decided to update Win7PE as well. Although this may
possibly be the last update. Trying to keep both projects up to date is a
bit more work than I want to deal with. This final update is basically
because I hate to leave anything unfinished. A request was made and there
were some minor things I meant to update eventually before the issue of
Win10PE and UEFI was raised.

What's new:

1. Win7PE now has the same file structure as Win10PE. I.E. Applications
no longer run from RAM and are now stored in the root of the drive in a
folder named Programs. Of course you can add other applications to this
folder, but this is nothing special since you could previously do the same
thing by just manually creating a folder and using it to store additional
programs which were not integrated directly into the PE. However, what
means is that you can now update and configure existing integrated
applications in the Programs folder. As a specific example, you could
configure NVDA with your own preferences and ad-ons. Yes, you can also do
this with Win10PE. If you add new applications to the Programs folder,
will not be able to create shortcuts for them on the Desktop or Start
There may be a way to add shortcuts for new applications dynamically
having to recompile the PE, but that possibility will require some work
investigation on my part. It sounds like a nice feature to have so I will
look into it for a future update. LOL if I can come up with a convenient
way to do this, it may mean at least one more update for Win7PE.

2. All utilities which were added to or updated in Win10PE, were also
updated and added to Win7PE including NVDA of course.

3. Rufus seems to be superior in every way to the method I was previously
using to create the self-extracting/self-writing USB images so I have done
the same thing with Win7PE that I did with Win10PE. A single image is now
capable of being burned to a disc or written to a USB drive so there are
only two images of Win7PE instead of four. A 32 bit edition and a 64 bit

That is all.

Download page is below.


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Subject: [TechTalk] Performing a fresh install of Windows 10

Hello all:

I'm preparing for a fresh install of Windows 10 on my laptop.
By fresh install I mean to install Windows 10 on a clean system - no
currently running OS on the system disk.

I've done this with both Windows 7 and 8.1 in the past using Carlos's

Ok, to my question:

I boot into WPE start the installation of Windows 10.
When done the system will reboot and most likely do some more setup stuff
and after a while one can continue setting up Windows.
At this point I will have no speech but in the past I start Narrator at
point to finish setup.

Is the keyboard command still windows+u then alt+n to start Narrator at
Windows 10 Welcome screen or whatever it's called?



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