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I would also love to play with old technology. I think new devices would work if in the box, but not otherwise.

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Hi. I was just wondering because technology moves at such a rate that what
is new now is soon old and obsolete. Many people enjoy collecting the stuff
when new and keeping it for decades. I bet somebody somewhere has kept one
of the very first iPhones and kept it new in it's original packaging. There
are so many old products that would be interesting to play with such as one
of the very first compact cassette recorders or a unused 8track cartridge
machine (I enjoyed them). Or what about a video 2000 machine that Philips
introduced or a new betamax video player/recorder. Many of these things in
years to come will be valuable as collectors' items. A lot of old
technology has lasted over a century but they were mainly mechanical and
were durable, such as the old wind up gramophones. The modern technology
though is electronic and digital and I just wondered if these things would
be as durable and still function after a few decades if they were kept in
their original packaging and stored in suitable conditions. Of course, some
might work but since the media isn't available they would be of no practical
use. For example; a TV set bought in the late 1940's or early 1950's might
still work but since in the UK the broadcasting of the format it needs to
function no longer exists and eventually in the UK FM radio will cease so
if anybody bought one of the very first FM radios, eventually there will be
nothing for it to pick up but that isn't so of things like CD or DVD players
because if you have some stuff on Disc then it could still be played in
decades to come, if the hardware still worked. Walter.

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Hi, see no reason it would not as long as you had some kind of media that it
could play. I assume you are talking about a standalone one? Not something
that would hook to the computer? If you are talking about something to hook
to the computer not only would you have to have media that it could read and
play but drivers for the machine for the OS you are using. But trying to
figure out why you would want to do this?


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Subject: [TechTalk] Electronics and entropy

Hi all. If I were to buy, lets say a portable CD player or even DVD player
and left it in it's original packing for a number of years, would it still
work? If an item lay for 15, 20 or 25 years without use, after that time
would it still work and play the media it was intended for? I kinda
remember a number of years ago my hi-fi dealer saying that electronics
should be turned on and used a little at least once or twice a year
otherwise the entropy effect kicks in and the electronics, especially the
copper wiring begins to deteriorate. It seems the current passing through
the wiring is what keeps it in good working order. Anybody got any thoughts
on that, any electronic engineers among us? Walter.


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