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Yes, I agree. Without your password, they can’t do anything harmful.

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That sounds more like it.
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I think they need it in order to tell how many calls you have left. Once you call, they probably get the Apple ID anyways. It might be that they Facetime you when someone is available. I would imagine that if you end up in a queue because all their people are unavailable, they might call you on Facetime when available. I think it is better than listening to boring music for seemingly ever. Without the password, I don't think they could do anything bad, and they don't seem to be the type to want to cause you to get spam.
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                Well, thought I had downloaded this once before. Now it is not the paying that bothers me! I am ok with that!

What bothers me and I don’t like is they want my facetime or apple ID . I use my phone number for face time not my apple ID. I put in the phone number and then it rejected it. saying it needed my apple ID. Well this is not going to happen at all!

Don’t know why they need my Apple ID or facetime ID any how! They are not facetimeing me I am facetimeing them. So don’t see why they need this info at all.

So since this is the case I re deleted the app as I am not going to use it as they just asking too much info from me.  I would been ok to give them my facetime ID I used which was my number but no way is they getting my apple ID .

They really need to re think their position. JMO!






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Hi has anyone used this app ? See link below.





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