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Well, I using it to encrypt my external USB drive and I not booting from it at all! I just wanted to encrypt my files on it and password them! So I think it can be used for as I did a much simpler thing!




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BitLockker is a disk encryption service that prevents unauthorized persons or software from accessing contents of a disk at boot time. This is done through a combination of four things:

·         Disk encryption: The contents of the disk are encrypted securely.

·         Password: When BitLocker is enabled, you might be asked to asset a startup password.

·         USB key: You can ask Windows to not boot unless a USB key containing a password to unlock the system drive is present

·         Security chip: One can let Windows use a chip called Trusted Platform Module (TPM) at boot time to unlock the system drive.

Because BitLocker encrypts the partition where system files are stored, it uses a separate partition to store boot files (which remains unencrypted). BitLocker is available in Windows Vista Enterprise and Ultimate, Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate, Windows 8.x Pro and Enterprise and Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education.




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I haven't used Bit Locker before.

On 1/29/2016 6:01 AM, Matt wrote:

Ok, I have the ultimate version for W7 and I think I have w10 is the pro version as w10 did not have a ultimate version.  



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In Windows 7 BitLocker is only available on the Ultimate and Enterprise editions.

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Well, I just used bit locker for the first time on my Seagate Free Agent Drive. It work great! It was fairly easy to do. Now this drive is a 500 gB drive so it took a long time to encrypt it but it did it and now my stuff is encrypted and password protected on my external USB drive.

So I highly recommend it for those that have it to use. I think you have to have windows professional and above to have this feature in windows. I have W7 64 bit Ultimate edition of windows and then W10 pro which I think has it also.






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