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If you don't mind a back door work around try the Safeway grocery delivery at
If Safeway doesn't actually deliver in your area you could still open an account using a zip code from an area where they do such as 92832. Included in the Product Info area for each product they carry is the product directions. I highly recommend the Safeway online shopping service. I find it easy to work with. The selection is as good as in their stores even if the prices aren't always the lowest possible. The delivery charge is reasonable and can frequently be avoided altogether.


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Since Directions for Me is apparently not functioning at the present time, is there any other web site for obtaining cooking instructions for specific products, or any other work around aside from asking a sighted person to read them directly from the package?

Try the UPC. If you have a bar code scanner, log into the digit-eyes database. They will sometimes link you to product pages.

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