Re: Where can I buy this SPARC HD Radio SHD-TX2

Robin Frost

I might respectfully disagree with you regarding whether the solution is or isn’t reasonable and it’s neither here nor there as ultimately the manufacturer will make its own choice and has and might try again varying approaches.
In the case of this particular unit the power button already toggles two different resulting actions so that option wouldn’t work but I understand the meaning of the idea in theory.
As I did indicate in a prior message I did posit the option of offering a detailed written or audio description via their site walking blind and visually impaired people through the steps of enabling these  features (even offering an example to them of what such could look like); and to that the company seemed quite receptive.
My point in earnest wasn’t whether or not the solution should or shouldn’t be whether or not these prompts should be on or off by default but rather I thought it’d be helpful to inform people that my previously posted information that the unit was out of stock would soon be rectified and to make it known that the company behind this product was and is willing to dialog with people regarding how best to meet the needs of as many as possible in terms of universal design and ease of access.
So it seems to me that as is the case in many things in life there’s no need for crisis, strife argument and ultimate sentient beings will hit upon a solution that works for the majority and the world will happily spin right along.
Happy listening, product exploring, learning and dialoging one and all.

From: Gene
Sent: Monday, February 1, 2016 12:01 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Where can I buy this SPARC HD Radio SHD-TX2
I don't think verbal prompts should be on by default.  it makes no sense for a company to inconvenience the majority of users to make it easier for a very small minority to use a device.  What is needed, if it is not provided at the moment, is a very simple way to turn on speech along with an effective way to inform users as to how this is done.  For example, pressing and holding the power button for five seconds could toggle speech on and off. 
As for how to inform blind people of this, that is something that would have to be worked out but having prompts on by default is not a reasonable solution.
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Just one last follow-up on this topic.  I did contact the Sparc company when I saw that the item had gone out of stock at Amazon and the link I had cited. I am pleased to say I got a prompt response from them indicating that the unit is still very much in production and they’d look into the out of stock status. I also entered into dialog with them concerning the fact that verbal prompts are off by default. they explained that they’d turned them on for a while but got complaints about it I’m assuming from visual people who hadn’t need of them. So I gently explained that it’d be easier for sighted people to turn off an unwanted or not needed feature with a menu and display they could see and thus interact with than it is for visually impaired to approximate their way through turning said feature on.  I also proposed that since they weren’t shipping it with an audio description of button layout and how to turn on these needed features that they consider having such a documentation in written or audio form available as a download on their site.
I’m impressed with the prompt and polite response I received from them and just thought I’d share to allay the fears of some that such products are fly by night and thus bound to disappear as some have asserted.
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2016 11:37 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Where can I buy this SPARC HD Radio SHD-TX2
Here is its official maker’s page
And when you click buy for this model sadly it takes you to
Here is its url at amazon but sadly they’re now out of stock.
I hope this helps.
From: Loy
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2016 11:06 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] Where can I buy this SPARC HD Radio SHD-TX2

Where can I buy this SPARC HD Radio SHD-TX2

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