how do I get my files back and where do I go to get them back

Bill K <billmeister@...>

Hi everyone,
I just about pulled a real boo boo today, I inadvertantly deleted all of my early millenium hits that I had on my drive. Yes, i did go to my recycle bin, but the early folder didn't show up there. However, I used my search everything program, and found the early mill folder there, so I just copied that folder back to my d drive which is a 2 terrabyte drive.
first, since this has happened, do I need to do anything to the drive like defragging it or what have you, and can any of you guess why the early mill folder didn't show up in my recycle folder? It may have been too large, but if that's the case, where did all that music go to? I ask this as I checked all the folders in my early mill folder and even my folder with about 4 2016 songs shoed up if you can believe that. so, I surely don't know why any of this is and what I'll do in the future should this happen again.
i've been very careful in the past about all this stuff, and I could have sworn that I only had 1 folder highlighted, but I guess not.
bill K.

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