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Hi Mike,
The problem is that he is referring to the built-in headphone jack, not a USB headset.  And the headphone jack may not always be displayed as a separate audio device by Windows depending on the sound card.

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Hi Walt,
If you choose the headset as the default soundcard, all sounds will come through the headset, with Jaws anyways.  With Jaws, whenever you plug a USB headset in, Jaws is supposed to see it as the default soundcard from what I understand.  1 thing I didn't realize when I posted my earlier reply was that Bill said he plugged his headset into the headphone jack, so I don't know if he's using a regular jack, or a USB port.  Also, I have Jaws running running through 1 soundcard & my system sounds running through a 2nd soundcard, so I use the steps I spoke of earlier for selecting the Jaws default soundcard, & the Sounds / Playback page to select my soundcard for system sounds.
Take care.
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Mike -
But won't that only cause the headphones to work for JAWS and no other application? Not sure, only asking, since I've never used this, myself -- but since it's a JAWS utility/function, I wonder ......

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Hi Bill,
I didn't catch what screenreading program you're running, so if you're running Jaws try the following:
1. Open the Jaws context menu.
2. Arrow down to, Utilities, & press enter.
3. Arrow down to, Soundcards submenu, & press enter.
4. Arrow to your headset, however it's listed, & press enter.
Take care.

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