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I agree with this and I would also like to emphasize keeping subject lines consistent in general.  I.E. If you would like to begin a different discussion, simply start with a new message.  Or if what you have to say is at least related to the thread to which you are responding, but may significantly side track the conversation, at least change the subject to reflect this.  I will have to work to follow this rule myself since I have not always been careful enough in this respect.

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Believe me, it is not my desire to cause a problem.  But I am starting to see a problem on this list that frustrated me on the other list, specifically Blindtech.  I am talking about the practice of directing messages to a specific individual in the subject line.  I respectfully suggest that if anyone wants to direct his message to an individual that he do so via private email.  I say that because it screws up the sorting of threads badly when the actual subject is preceeded by the name of an individual.
Don Roberts

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