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Don't forget that they also have a youtube channel with small tutorials about one thing. I've listened to the seminars, just not the youtube bids. 

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Their stuff at Hadley is very good. They have seminars and such on a whole bunch of things.
I think you'll find them beneficial.

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Oh, yes, I must check out these, I am a student at Hadley and keep telling myself to watch their iFocus video tutorials but forget to actually do it smile.
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Sorry, I haven't followed this thread from the start. So my suggestion may not be what is being requested. Anyway, YouTube has video tutorials on there done by Hadley school. These tutorials are very indepth and are easy to follow.  Some of the things that are covered are the gestures used with voiceover, using seri & using dictation.

I apologize if this off topic for this thread.

Also some Apple stores offer classes for beginner iDevice users. One will have to call and inquire and schedule a time for a class.


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Well, sorry, I should have clarified, I'm more interested within IPhones and IPads as of now. I will probably choose the windows path over the Mac, though. I feel like windows is more opened.

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Hi, check out the blind geek zone site. It has lots of podcast on the Mac
by a person called Mike you can also check out the BCT )Blind Cool Tech )
archives on the site as well it has podcast on the mac as well by mike and
others. I will post the link to the BGZ site. Also check out the
Mac4theblind list and site it has lots of helpful members and such on the
site by John the owner of the site and email list. See links below.

this next link is Apple vis podcast interview with John and I think you will
find some good info in it as well. John owns the mac4theblind.

Also check out David Woodbridge podcast as well just google them or go to
Vision Australia site and you can find them there. See link to him and
Vision Australia  below.


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OK, thanks. Any apple  getting started audio? I already checked applevis,
miserably failed. And I already checked the android getting started. I now
want to check out apple.

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They are only written tutorials. Well worth a read though.
On 3 Sep 2015, at 21:39, rajmund <brajmund2000@...> wrote:

Does that only have written, or do they have audio

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Date: Thursday, 3 September 2015 8:59 pm
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Hi I found this is a grate place also. Voiceover Easy Home Page

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