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Hi Aidan,
It is different in the utilities which are included and the default settings
used for the interface. Also, my images have been updated much more
recently. This is not a criticism of Bryan, it is simply fact. In
addition, the older version of the project on which Bryan's images are
based, has a problem when attempting to install 64 bit additions of Windows.
This problem was resolved in later versions of the project so it is not
present in my images.

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So carlos how is your version different from bryan?

On 04/09/2015, Kwork <> wrote:
and he acknowledges it too:

"Note: some people use the software of bryanSmart, but I recommend its
modified version by Carlos."

He follows that statement with a Sendspace link.
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From: Carlos
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LOL I'll have to look through the article again. I didn't notice that.
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From: Jeremy
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I'm not sure, but it looks like one of the links in the article is
pointing to an upload of your version of the PE. haha
If not, it does at least make reference to it. :P
Making a small assumption on his talking about making images of a
I'm guessing that he's using the same activ@ tool that's in your version,
Neat to see how many people are starting to become familiar with it.
Pretty shweet. haha

On 9/3/2015 2:15 PM, Carlos wrote:

The answer is that there is basically no difference. It is simply a
variation/different build of the same thing. A PE AKA Preinstallation
Environment. Although obviously there may be different utilities included
and default settings used. You can download my personal images and the
associated documentation here.
And since this is a new list with some possibly new members, thanks to
Rob Hudson for hosting the files.
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From: Matt
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Hi, our own Carlos has one he has made! Don’t know how to compare
to each other . So maybe Carlos can chine in and explain more on his
pre installer.


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Subject: [TechTalk] installing windows with speech

Has anyone seen this?

Kimsan Song

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