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Gerald Levy

Okay, here’s the $64 question.  How do you find a reliable and honest service techician to fix your broken computer?  I don’t know anyone who has had a positive experience with Geek Squad, whose future is unclear, anyway, because it looks like its parent, Best Buy, may soon be going bye-bye if rumors about its impending bankruptcy filing turn out to be true.  I suppose you could search on the web for technicians in your area, but how do you know how trustworthy they are? 

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Another company I try to do business with here is called Action Computers!  Here’s my story about this company if I can ever keep it brief:


I was heading out of town to meet my dearest teacher, Mrs. Pamela Field in Hampden, Connecticut.  So I put a login password on my laptop, left it alone and headed out for two weeks of fun with my teacher and her family and a number of nonconformist pals like me along the East coast.  All that was good!  Believing and thinking that I was smart, I did not write down the password.  I thought I’ll remember it!  Upon return to my coveted bush where the sun shines for 300 days a year, I turned on my laptop and, you guess it, I didn’t remember my password!  Yikes!  Worst still, I didn’t have any app I could use to bypass the password requirement to get into my laptop.


Well, I took it to Action Computers and asked them to help demystify my stupidity.  Yes, they could.  I had to leave my computer with them for a day.  I showed them how to turn off my screen reader so it doesn’t get in the way. 


The following day, they called to tell me that my screen was bad and they needed to run some kind of diagnostics to identify the problem with my screen.  Hmm, I foolishly fell for it.  Now they tagged an additional $49.99 to the $25 they were going to charge for demystifying my password issue.  Two hours later on the pick up day, they called back to tell me that my laptop’s screen was damaged, it would cost $125.99 for a brand-new LCD screen. 


What!  I only paid $359 and change for this laptop; I don’t want to spend over $200 to fix a simple problem.  So I told them to just demystify my original problem and forget about a new LCD display.  I can’t see it anyway, so, if it dies and my computer still boots up, I am cool with that. 


Three hours passed, they did the job and I got a call to come by and grab my toy!  Off I went to grab my toy and wishing the LCD screen peaceful rest. 


A pair of eyes came by; I needed to have them check something for me on the screen and proceeded to connect an external CRT.  Well, the pair of eyes told me not to bother … Your screen works just fine!  That can’t be true …  I’ve just been told it needed replacement and I wasn’t willing to pay for it.  No, it’s not true, I can see your screen clearly, no need for an external CRT. 


If you read my story to this point, you now know why I should learn to be a writer and quit being a nonconformist <smile>!  And I am not good at cutting a long, long story short!  I’ll have Carlos train me on that one when he has a brief minute!  Anyway, I’ll be more careful when I go to Action Computers as they remind me too much of GeekSquad!  To this very minute as I type, the lights still come on on my laptop’s screen, it isn’t dead yet and I am glad I didn’t bite the last bait even though I hungrily bit and chewed on the first.




Denver, Colorado 

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