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Hmm, hmm, hmm. Old text adventures, anyone? Tells you the location, press any key to continue. Hmm, hmm, hmm.
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Yes, I remember that old joke about "press any key to continue: Where's the
any key?" Pam.

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From: Carlos
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LOL or that pesky "any" key. Till this day I still haven't found that one!
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Yes totally agree! Common sense would tell you not to tell a sited person
the Jaws key ! for example you would tell them the insert and F4 key to
close out jaws not the jaws key and F4 . As the sited would not know what
the heck a jaws key is! They would be looking everywhere on the keyboard

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As you say it is a matter of point of view, but your objection seems to be
based on the idea of using the term without explanation. My point is that
it should be, and can be, easily explained. If it is explained clearly,
should be understood that it refers to the Insert or CapsLock key, and
there is no such thing as a literal JAWS key. Not so difficult to grasp
it is explained clearly or even repeatedly if necessary like instruction
any kind. With that understanding firmly in mind, I would never use the
term JAWS key when requesting assistance from a sighted person. Logically
would assume that they might not even be very familiar with JAWS in
never mind the concept of a JAWS key.
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Hi all,

Interesting comments here. It is a difference in teaching methods, I
think. The problem I see here is that when one refers to The Jaws Key
without any explanation, it leaves the impression that the keyboard
actually has a key on it that is labeled Jaws. this can be confusing to
some who change keyboards or move from a laptop to a desktop. It can
be confusing for a sighted friend or parent who is trying to help
someone who is blind. There is no "Jaws Key" on any keyboard for any
computer. It's not there, simply not there.

If a student knows that The Insert Key is acting as the Jaws Modifier
Key, that is all that concerns me, however, I have seen many folks who
don't understand this concept.

It is also, and this may be my own point of view, it implies that all
keyboards will have a Jaws Key.

<smiling> Perhaps it is just a difference in point of view. It's
probably not worth more messages about it.

Ann P.
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I honestly don't see why this is such a big issue. Once you
understand why the term is used, it shouldn't be that difficult to
remember. There are many aspects to using a computer which will be
much more challenging than simply remembering that JAWS key refers
to either Insert or CapsLock.
To a
certain point I can understand why some might believe it would be
confusing, but making such a mountain out of a molehill in my mind is
almost insulting to the student. It implies that a student is
somehow incapable of grasping or too stupid to remember such a simple
concept. Many third-party applications will have their own quirks
you may have to grasp to use them effectively. This is minor in
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I had heard of that when I was learning computer stuff, but when my
teacher told me that people tend to refer to it as that, she
admonished me not to.
I don't have a hard time with that, since I hardly have ever used jaws.

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From: Carolyn Arnold
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I never heard of the Insert Key being called the JAWS Key until
being on these lists, starting last summer.

Bye for now,


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Matt, I think the Insert-Shift-R keystroke is Jaws specific and may
not work using a different screen reader. Most blind folks DON'T
SEEM to know the difference between a regular Windows keystroke and
the specific ones for their screen reader of choice. A good example
is when the Insert key is being referred to as the Jaws key; I think
the correct terminology should have been the Modified Jaws key. A
few clients I've tried to assist in the past had a hard time
distinguishing between the Insert key and the Jaws key.



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