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With IOS, it was extremely hard to even get to profile, but with IE6, I succeeded, and can instantly locate the box.

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That is interesting, but somewhat buggy. There is a
link on the main page. You first have to click on your name and it expands to offer additional options, but that
link does not take you to the same place as the one he gave you. It doesn't seem as if there's a direct link to that one which is probably a bug.
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Just for those that is wondering how to stop or start you getting your own post see below from IOS group support!

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Feb 10, 10:30

Hello Matt,

To stop Gmail from showing you your own post, go into your profile, at and look at the bottom for the checkbox 'I always want copies of my own messages'. Uncheck that and you should be good to go.

I'm not sure I understand your second question. What would the acknowledgment look like? Is that an email that you receive saying "We got your post?"



Feb 9, 16:06

A couple of things one I have looked everywhere to stop getting my own post to the list! I cannot find it nowhere! So where do you find this at? I am subscribe to TechTalk and TechTalk chat groups!

The other thing if you could add the feature so you get an acknowledgment of your post but not your post would be nice! This feature is on a lots of group list but this is not an option here.

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