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Hi Carlos,
Its a reasonable request, I'd want it, too.

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I agree. Like I said most people would just ignore such a tedious rule so I
won't attempt to impose or enforce it. My only request was basically that
people not either manually or via their client settings remove the text of
the original message.
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With all respect, wouldn't cutting and pasting, just, to get a particular
reply across be a little tedious? I, for one, would not do it. There's a
pause key on the keyboard, after all, and after all, the message is there,
everyone can take as much, or as little as they wish. Just my opinion,
for whatever its worth.

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Hi all,

On the Apex, one is asked if one wishes to include the original text of
the previous message. This is the question to which the answer is yes.

Just a comment here, that it is really, really aggravating to me when
people requote an entire thread over and over and over and over and
orver again. I would far rather see the list owners adopt a policy of
judicious quoting. Trains of more than two messages are cumbersome,
and especially in a technical list of this kind which is archived, can
make searching archives difficult.

Ann P.

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That is interesting. I would have expected "reply to sender" to work as
it does in other clients on mailing lists which is to use the default
setting of the group.

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I haven't used an Apex but that sounds incorrect. Reply to sender would
be expected to try to send the reply to an indeividual list member, not
to the list. You don't want to change where the message is sent. you
want to leave previously quoted material in the message. You may have
the Apex set to remove all previous material when you reply. The point
is to leave either all material or to at least leave the message you
are responding to in the reply.

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