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They're in alphabetical order. For example Marshmallow is a higher
version than Lollipop which in turn is higher than KitKat, etc. I hope
that clears up the names somewhat.


On 2/13/16, Melissa Hammitt <> wrote:
Thanks all for the info.
The using of names instead of version numbers is confusing.... To me
it seemed like each name was a different type of OS. If I remember
right it is linux based and linux has, to my knowledge, a few
different types too. Right now I can only remember Red Hat and that is
because I learned it 10+ years ago and it was version 6 or 7 I think.
Don't ask me anything about it now though because like most things I
can learn fast if I don't use it it sinks into my brain and the info
is only triggered by trivia questions or the right phrases, haha. I'm
really good at Jeopardy~

On 2/12/16, √ėyvind Lode <> wrote:

KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and so on is only code names or release
names instead of android 4.4, android 5.x and 6.x.

Android phones is called android phones because they are running the
android operating system.

I'm running android 6.0.1 also called marshmallow on my Nexus 6P which
is the latest version of android.
Galaxy S5 is a Samsung device and the UI is different from my device.

Talkback is included in the android OS on most devices including Samsung.

For more info:


Please let me know if you have further questions.

On 12 February 2016 at 07:09, Melissa Hammitt <> wrote:
I was just curious about the subject and didn't tfind a link that
basically broke it all down for me.
What I was wondering was: what OS do android phones use? I've heard
the names marshmellow, kitKat, raspberry pie , and lollipop. What
the heck is the difference? If there aren't quick answers I wouldn't
mind if someone just gave me a link to find out the answers.
I was curious because ever since I started using a smart phone I have
used an iPhone and while I think they're great it doesn't help me when
the other members of my family have android phones. (namely galaxy 5
or something like that.) Do you have to download talkback (I think
that is the name) or does it already come with the phone? Are their
different versions which work differently with the other candy
sounding names of OSs?
Are the settings basically the same across phones or do they change
when the brand of phone does?

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