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Hi all,

Gene you mean you are actually expecting this profligate generation to stop overquoting? The *only* place on the net where overquoting is strictly managed is on any of the ICORS lists like Blind-x.

Getting people to quit overquoting is like pulling teeth or sending water uphill or yelling at the bottom of a well filled with fethers. They don't get it. They won't ever get it unless the list owner starts out by suspending offenders, yeah, I mean it. They won't learn unless the listowner has the hutz-pah to crack down on overquoting. Won't happen. That reminds me, I have to post my semi-annual warning on blind-x about overquoting.

Chuckling sardonically,
Ann P.

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This is a ridiculous practice. Someone starts a new thread, gives it a new subject line, and doesn't delete the previous material from the message body before writing a new message. So nothing quoted in the message has any relevance. (In my view, list owners should really crack down on this. It is a complete waste of useage limits if someone is on some sort of restricted plan. It makes digests larger for no valid reason. Sometimes eight or ten or more previous messages are retained. thus, list members may receive the equivalent of eleven or twelve messages instead of one.
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