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Monte Single

The new stream, like the old one, will play for 14 to 15 hours on full charge.  Like Carlos says, the Bluetooth adapter which  plugs into the audio port gets its power from its own battery.  When I had the old stream for about 5 years, I always used  earphones for exterenal speakers. The new stream is loud enough that I no longer bothere with either, unless, I’m travelling.  As I live in Canada, I do not have access to NLS  player.  The new stream is slightly smaller than the old one.  It is a little  thicker than the plextalk pocket.


From: Matt [mailto:matt.from.florida@...]
Sent: February-17-16 10:01 AM
Subject: [TechTalk] New victor stream


I have some questions on the Victor Stream. (1) how much battery life on average does this thing get? (2) I assume or understand that you can get some kind of BT module that will plug into the headset port of the victor stream and then you can use BT headset or Bt speakers with it? (3) if so then how does this effect the battery life? (4) what is the sound of the victor stream is like? Is it nice and loud and clear like the NLS players are? (5) how big is this new victor stream? Thanks for any input on this.





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