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Rick Alfaro

Hi Carlos. It seems that it's a little more complicated than I thought. Both
the source and target media are M.2 and not standard 2.5 SSDs. I was able to
create and boot from the WinPE thumb drive and NVDA came right up. I was not
able to clone the original Windows drive so what I have now is a new m.2
drive in the mini pc totally bare as it comes right out of the packaging. I
do have my product key so I'd just like to install Windows 10 onto bare
drive. I do have internet access through networkPE. Will I be able to simply
do a Windows 10 install from the net without sighted assistance? I was
hoping I could simply do a restore from the windows restore usb drive I
created from my original windows 8.1 installation but didn't know how to go
about it since it's a bootable thumb drive.

Note that I did try doing an install using a Win32-64 ISO but canceled it
since it becomes a virtual drive so I was afraid to be stuck after the first
reboot assuming that the virtual drive would disappear. Not sure if that was
a correct assumption or not. Your thoughts?

If installing from the net won't be possible then I will just have to wait
for some sighted assistance and boot into the recovery thumb drive I
originally created.

Best regards,

Rick Alfaro

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Hi Rick,

You can use the WinPE images to migrate to a new drive with speech. I don't

know what you used to create the recovery media, but I would personally
recommend using third-party imaging or cloning software. If you don't mind
paying, you can use Image for Windows
or Drive Snapshot for imaging,
and Casper
for cloning. Image for Windows can copy directly from disk to disk as well.

Image for Windows can be made portable and Drive Snapshot is portable by
default so either one can be used from WinPE to restore an image on to the
new drive. If you use the cloning method, you won't even require a bootable

environment like WinPE. Just put the new drive into a USB enclosure, clone
the old drive on to the new one, and then swap the two drives. If you want
to stick to free tools, you can either create an image using the free
version of Macrium Reflect
or Active@ Disk Image Lite.
The Macrium Reflect restore utility is included in my WinPE images and so is

Active@ Disk Image Lite. For a free cloning solution, you can try XXCLONE.
It requires use of the JAWS or equivalent cursor, but it is at least usable
if not immediately accessible. Note that if you decide to use my WinPE
images, you should use Win10PE if your system is configured in UEFI mode
since Win7PE can only boot in legacy BIOS mode. You can find all of my
WinPE images here.
Make sure to review the documentation since the ReadMe file contains
important information.
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I recently purchased an HP Minni desktop that came with a 32gb SSD. I'd
to swap out the SSD for a larger 120gb SSD. I've created recovery media on
32gb thumb drive so that I can restore onto the new SSD.

The problem of course is that there is no speech available when booting
the restore process. I'm wondering if Carlos's Windows install program can
be used for this purpose? I know there have been lots of discussion about
this utility on this list but since I didn't have the need at the time,
afraid I didn't pay that much attention.

If Carlos or anyone else that knows can point me to the install utility
again along with possible instructions for accomplishing what I need to do
I'd be most grateful. Note that the recovery is for a Windows 8.1 install.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Best regards,

Rick Alfaro

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