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Thank you very much for this.

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On 2/19/2016 3:25 PM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:
I have problems with that constant ringing in both ears. I tell people it's like going through life with a crack in your glasses.

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I have heard so many different stories and I am seriously happy for those who report success with new hearing aids.

I have been told with the aid I have, nothing else I wear will improve or not help the hearing, and this was from two specialist...

My hearing aid is a quontam something lol but don’t remember the exact name. I have that major ringing in the right ear and like I said severe hearing loss in the right ear. I use to wish I could see better, hahaha now I give anything to hear much better. Not perfect hearing but at least hear someone when talking to me in a crowded room.

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I don’t often recommend products unless I am really pleased with them. I just want to put a little plug in for the Phonak Cros hearing aids. I have little or no hearing in my right ear because of nerve damage. I wore in-ear aids for about 7 years and hated them but wore them anyway. Then about a year and a half ago, I was introduced with the Phonak behind the ear aids. The one for the right ear is a transmitter and the one on the left is the receiver. I just cannot say enough good about these aids and how much better they work than the old ones. I no longer have the feeling that I am going to scream when in a crowded noisy place. I would never suggest that they replace normal hearing but they sure come closer than what I experienced before. I just had them cleaned and adjusted and it is so slick. I put them on, the tech puts a device around my neck and then he does all the adjusting on his computer. Fortunately, my hearing in the left ear is still pretty good and I pray it continues. On top of that, I have been in twice for adjusting and they do not charge me at all. When I was in Arizona, they charged for everything.


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