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Anyone want to give this thing a try? It works rather well at this point in my opinion. You can record to flac, mp3, or wav. Other formats could be easily added. You can record either from the virtual audio capture device, a sound card/device, or both at the same time. You can assign global hotkeys to start/stop/pause/resume recording and configure it to run from the system tray or even completely hidden. You can schedule recordings using command line parameters.
-r to record
-t to set the duration of the recording in the format hours, minutes, and seconds. for example,
-t 01:20:00
-x to have the program automatically close when it is done recording.

The timer functionality was already built-in to ffmpeg so it didn't require much effort to add. I was able to make the program very portable using Enigma Virtual Box. What's great is that all of the software involved is either free or open source. An installer and brief documentation will come later. For now I just want to see if anyone else finds it useful and how well it works. It's only about 13 Megs compressed Rob so I hope you don't mind me putting it up on the server. Download link is below.

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Well we have progress. I have a version which can record and stop. Allows you to select between flac, MP3, and wav formats. You can also select the sampling rate, bitrate, the number of channels, the target folder, and a prefix for the file name. The date and time are always appended to the file name so a name is automatically generated even if you don't type a prefix. I'm not quite ready to upload a test version, but probably in a few hours. Other things I would like to add are, assignable global hotkeys, tray minimization functionality, some way to start scheduled recordings using the Task Scheduler, and the ability to record from both the virtual audio capture device and a second device simultaneously. Like a microphone for example. That last part will probably be the trickiest and take the longest to implement, but I'm hopeful it should at least be possible.
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You can find Windows binaries of ffmpeg here.
Download the static builds since they are compiled as a single executable. And be prepared to do lots of reading/research since ffmpeg literally has hundreds of command line options. You can start with the official documentation here.
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Hi all,

This FFMPEG sounds good, where does one find it?

Ann P.

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