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Aidan <aidan.smarttalk@...>

So what is really the difference between this and total recorder
regarding capturing sound? Does it use a better driver? Can you
spesify sertin applications to be captured such as you can with audio
highjack pro on a mac or vurtual cable?

On 22/02/2016, Matt <matt.from.florida@...> wrote:
You might have got the updated version he put out since that problem.


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Hi Carlos,

Hmmm... My desktop shortcut works just fine. I wonder why that is.

On 2/21/2016 9:53 PM, Carlos wrote:
The sound card option allows you to record from the line-in or microphone
for example. Sorry about the desktop shortcut. That is because I used the
installer script of one of my other utilities as a template and forgot to
change the line that points to the Virtual Recorder executable. At least
for the virtual capture device, the volume should always be the same as the
source. If it is low then you should check the volume of your player.
Although I may be able to add a volume control in a future update.
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From: Matt
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Subject: [TechTalk] Carlos Virtual Recorder program

Ok, it worked very well for recording what you hear ! Now what is the
difference in sound card and capture what you hear and of course once I
what sound card does I will know what both does.

Also the desktop shortcut it puts on the desktop does not work. Say
something about a book is not found .

Also the volume of the recording seems to be low I think so is there
way to increase the recording volume? But will check it back out I could
have had my sound turn down on Window media player which I assume is the
default player it is playing in?


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