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Carolyn Arnold

My wireless, of course announces calls. My phone has call announce, and I
have caller ID for Call Waiting. My husband did not want all of that for
his phone. His old phone wore out, so one Christmas I said I'd get him a
phone for Christmas. I wanted to get him a two-phone set with answer
machine, so he could have one in here by his computer and the one in the
living room. Oh no. He wanted a plain phone, no speaker, no plug for head
set, no answering machine. He does not have call waiting on his line,
does not want it. It takes all kinds, doesn't it? So, he chose the
cheapest phone K-Mart had. The problem is that for maybe twice the price,
he could have gotten so much more. It doesn't cost that much more to go
first class in this case.

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That's pretty cool, so where can we get voiceover or mobile speak for the
house phone then. Smile.

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You can certainly port your land line number to your cell phone.
in the United States pays for what is known as Local Number Portability
this particular reason. The ported number will simply replace your
cell phone number and your cell phone number will be deactivated.

If you need your land line to gain access to the internet, you can have
is known as a DRY LOOP, that is, DSL service without a dial tone.

Denver, Colorado

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