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It's also important to realize that if you are typing in web-based
email, on social media or in web forms using Firefox which has a
spellcheck, Firefox doesn't always give you the correct spelling of a
word. If you aren't sure of the correct spelling of a word, you
should probably google it.


On 2/22/16, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
I am not aware of any spell checker that automatically makes corrections
without alerting the user of a misspelled word and giving the user the
option to change it or ignore it and leave it as it is. I went beyond
e-mail lists in my examples and even in the context of e-mail lists,
courtesey dictates that people should check the spelling of personal names
that may have multiple spellings or that they are unfamiliar with. As I
said, if someone writes a webmaster and uses capture instead of captcha,
they run the risk of losing credibility. If someone uses capture on e-mail
lists, they are likely to do so elsewhere.

If someone misspells my name on an e-mail list, they are likely not to check
the spelling in other contexts.

I seldom write about this but now and then, after seeing captcha spelled as
capture time after time on list after list, I may comment.

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Well, yes but it is a dag gone email list not a business letter and yes my
screen reader keeps changing the spelling on me during spell check.


From: Gene [mailto:gsasner@...]
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Yes, a lot of blind people use the word capture instead of captcha.
unfortunately, this practice, assuming that you can rely on speech for
unfamiliar terms may lead to other embarrassments such as misspelling
someone's name, or using the wrong gender spelling of a name. If you write
to a web administrator or site designer about problems with a captcha and
you use the word capture, then, frankly, you may lose a good deal of

If you write to someone named Lyn and you spell it Lin then I hope you
aren't dealing with a business client or with someone in some other formal
situation. The same for Toni instead of Tony


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What is a capture? I keep seeing that term. If you mean captcha, then
remember it's captcha, not capture. If a capture is something else that
needs solving, please let me know. Thanks.
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hi, is there a free webb capture solving program.
tanks for your time in advance.

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