Help needed making filters in Thunderbird

Nancy Hill

Help needed in making filters
I am using TB 38.2 with win 7 32bit and JFW 15. I am running into a snag when
making filters.
Under the In box, I have made a number of folders. A friend helped me
make a filter for one of them. That filter is set up and Is working
very well. am running into trouble as I am making the folder when I reach the part after where I
have chosen 'move to' and I tab to where I choose the folder to send it
to. The combo box only offers 2 choices '
Local. I can not get the girlyscream folder to open at that point to
allow access to the In box and the folders under it. How can I get the
combo box to either show me the individual folders under In box or allow
me to access the sub-folders?
Please help.
BTW, when I go to TB to send messages or receive them, I pass through the area where girlyscream is open and the In box is open to show the folders below. The In box and other sub-folders are not showing when I am in the process of making a filter. :( Many thanks for your help and Thunderbird enlightenment!

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