Re: Updating CCleaner Without Also Installing Google Chrome.


I really doubt that Chrome is inaccessible with JAWS 15.  Chrome uses an interface that is somewhat different than Internet Explorer or Firefox.  For example, there is only one menu.  But as I recall, I played with Chrome using JAWS 14 and found it reasonably accessible.  Chrome has quirks and annoyances but it is mostly accessible, though not as accessible as Internet Explorer or Firefox.  But I have it on my computers because at times, when I don't get good access to a site using firefox or I may try Internet Explorer as well, but there are times when I get better access with Chrome than with either other browser.. 
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Sent: Sunday, August 30, 2015 12:21 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] Updating CCleaner Without Also Installing Google Chrome.

Getting back to a more pertinent topic.  This morning, I updated to the latest version of CCleaner, version 5.9,  on my Windows 7 PC.  Using the JAWS cursor, I carefully inspected each page of the Installation wizard to make sure that there were no check boxes for also selecting Google Chrome for installation at the same time,and could not find any.  But after CCleaner was installed successfully, I discovered to my chagrin that Google Chrome had been installed, anyway, and set as my default browser.  Just out of curiosity, I took a quick look at Chrome and found it to be totally inaccessible with JAWS 15.  So I immediately proceeded to completely remove it using Revo Installer and then reset IE 11 as my default browser.  I already had Unchecky on my computer but it obviously did not prevent Chrome from being installed.  Has anyone found a foolproof way to update CCleaner without also automatically and surreptitiously installing Chrome along withit?

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