Brief intro, and an encouragement message for the owner of this list

Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...>

Hi all,

I’m Joseph Lee (not Joseph the Free Tech), a student and a regular contributor to NonVisual Desktop Access screen reader project. First, thanks for creating another resource for talking about technology, and I’m glad to come onboard in its early days.

Second, I’m sorry to hear about what happened back at the Blind Tech list (I’ve been reading the list archives for this and the BT list, and there are things that happened recently that I don’t understand myself). More importantly, if the list owner is the Carlos I know (from various mailing lists), please take courage (if what I’ve heard is true, then I can sympathize with both sides of the story and recommend things the admins over at the other side of the pond should have done; write to me offlist please).

With the intros aside: I hope to learn more about new technologies being developed and help out if I can (I’m still learing).



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