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You can do it but you may get more or less information depending on your screen-reader.  Also, you may have to install an add on for your screen-reader to get information.  What screen-reader are you using?The procedure to change the Winamp equalizer is as follows:
Open Winamp.  Start it playing something.
It doesn't have to be playing but you won't hear the changes while you are making them if it isn't.
Move into the equalizer window with control tab.
Turn on the equalizer with the letter n.  I don't recall if 1 through 9 or 1 through 0 on the main keyboard raises bands of audio.  I think it's 1 through 0 which would give you a ten band equalizer.
To lower the bands, use the letter keys below the number keys.  For example, as I recall, q will lower the lowest base range and 1 will raise it.
Once finished adjusting the equalizer, you can close the window with control f4. 
Use control tab to return to the main window.  you can leave the settings as they are and turn off the equalizer by opening the equalizer Window, alt g, control tabbing into it, and then pressing the letter n to turn it off.  N turns it on or off.  (It's a toggle. 
You can then close the window if you wish, as described above.

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Changing trebble and base levels is this possible in winamp?




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