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Walter Ramage

Hi.  I get the feeling it is a Jaws bug but there is a work around; namely by selecting the files and doing insert/page down.  It is cumbersome compared to the way it used to work but at least it gives one the info required.  Walter.


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Mine does that; it may be a windows bug.



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Subject: [TechTalk] Jaws and numbering problem


Hi folks.  I have a jaws question (I use Jaws 16) that is bugging me.  I've just got my PC back after having a new motherboard and a new power supply fitted.  In installing jaws I notice that when I enter a folder it doesn't give me the correct number of files, or folders in a particular folder.  For example I have an audio book drive and I know there is thirteen and a half thousand books in there but when I open the drive/folder it will say the first file/folder is one of 19 and if i go down it gives me different values.  So if it says the first file is one of 19 and then I go down another 18 files/folders then it should read 19 of 19 but it will say something like 36 of 54.  I've gone into the view menu and checked the list option but it has made no difference.  Does anybody know how to get Jaws to announce how to pronounce the correct value such as 5,390 of 10,460 or 6,243 of 13,498 etc please.  Your help would be valued.  Walter.



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