Re: Help needed making filters in Thunderbird

Ron Canazzi

Hi Nancy,

Making filters with Thunderbird is quite intuitive. Most people filter various lists and groups of messages into separate folders. So here's how it works.

1. Create a folder where you want your messages from one list or another or of one type or another to go.
2. Then from the main Thunderbird window, click tools/message filters.
3. You are taken to a dialogue with a list of filters and options.
3. Choose new.
4. Then the rest is pretty straight forward.
5. Choose your conditions such as the subject or to field or whatever contains or does not contain and then use tab and editing to move around and fill in the fields.
6. Click OK at the end of the process.
7. You may then want to run the filters after creating them on messages from your inbox that you have already received so choose that option in the still open dialogue when you complete making the filter.

I hope this helps.


On 9/5/2015 2:04 PM, Nancy Hill wrote:
Help needed in making filters
I am using TB 38.2 with win 7 32bit and JFW 15. I am running into a snag when
making filters.
Under the In box, I have made a number of folders. A friend helped me
make a filter for one of them. That filter is set up and Is working
very well. am running into trouble as I am making the folder when I reach the part after where I
have chosen 'move to' and I tab to where I choose the folder to send it
to. The combo box only offers 2 choices '
Local. I can not get the girlyscream folder to open at that point to
allow access to the In box and the folders under it. How can I get the
combo box to either show me the individual folders under In box or allow
me to access the sub-folders?
Please help.
BTW, when I go to TB to send messages or receive them, I pass through the area where girlyscream is open and the In box is open to show the folders below. The In box and other sub-folders are not showing when I am in the process of making a filter. :( Many thanks for your help and Thunderbird enlightenment!

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