Re: Another Openbook 9 Update, 9.0.1696.403


I would suggest sending a follow-up message to the lists you sent this message to.  I don't know the details but more than one person has reported that registering this new update has caused problems with their current JAWS registration.  I would suggest not upgrading Openbook without knowing what you might have to do to reregister JAWS.  And, given this problem, does the new upgrade do enough to justify the annoyance and inconvenience?  I don't know but until this problem is corrected, you may decide it doesn't.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Another Openbook 9 Update, 9.0.1696.403

Hi All,
Below is the direct download link for this newest OB 9 update.  This update was released Monday March 7, 2016, at least that's what was told to me by Freedom Scientific tech support.  This update, OB9.0.1696.403, fixes something from the February update, OB9.0.1695.403.  I couldn't find what this update is supposed to fix from the prior version.
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