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Actually, that's incorrect. The reading grade, in shape or form, has nothing to to do with your preferred English code. Braille code, and keyboard grade, how ever, does.In fact, you're right, backspace-g will work, but that will toggle the braille typing grade, which is what we want, but the option you have first mentioned has no hot keys. Another difference is, backspace-g only toggles temporarily, while in the file, not for good, unlike within keyboard settings.

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Hi all,

No, actually, I mentioned the three forms of help available to see if
that would give any help. Actually, what you want to do is:

1. go to options menu.

2. Go down to Braille and enter. You want to change the reading
grade. So, go down to that and type enter.

Then, type B for grade 2.

You can also get there by using the backspace with G that was
suggested. Once you hit the backspace with G, you hit the b for grade II.

I did explain this in my message, but because you became angry,
thinking that I was just brushing you off by telling you to read the
manual, you didn't see it.

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