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George <slr1bpz@...>

I have tried several versions of sandboxie with various versions of NVDA and found no combination that worked. I had the same issues you describe.


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Hey all,
Was curious to get some thoughts/ideas on using Sandboxie along side
NVDA. Having just installed the most recent version of sandboxie, and
making sure to enable access for it to communicate with screenreaders, I
don't seem to be having any luck actually getting anything to work
inside a sandbox. It may be that I'm completely misunderstanding
something in setting my preferences, thereby causing things to be
unfriendly, but I'm honestly not sure where to start looking. The two
applications that I've tried so far to run are portable ones, firefox
and thunderbird.

First, when I'm trying to run one of these apps inside the sandbox, I'll
use firefox as my example, it may take up to 15 or 20 seconds for
anything related to the ff program to actually appear on my display,
such as the window. Not only does NVDA report this window as, firefox,
not responding, it doesn't seem to actually reach a point in where it
loads up to my home page. I'd first assumed that this was something
specific to me trying to run an app that was in a portable format, but
I'm also seeing this long load time when I try and launch an application
through the any application menu option. Once you press any application,
it brings up another dialog box where you can press browse to locate the
executable you wish to run. When I press browse, it takes around this
same 15 or so seconds to actually bring up the area where I can locate
the file I wish to open. This area seems to also be inaccessible to
NVDA, meaning the list that contains the files, NVDA doesn't seem to
read at all. It being my first time using sandboxie, I'm honestly not
sure if this is caused by some problem with using it with NVDA, or
should I be looking somewhere else to get it working? I'll note that
outside trying to run a sandboxed app, the sandboxie program really is
pretty accessible, so figured I'd ask and see if anyone else had gotten
it to work better for them.
Any ideas or tips that I may be missing would be greatly appreciated.
Take care.

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