Sandboxie and NVDA

George McCoy <slr1bpz@...>

Has anyone had any success making the Sandboxie program work with NVDA?
I want to try to run my web browsers in a sandbox. My most frequently used browser is firefox but I also use Internet explorer 11 on occasion.
I heard about a program called Sandboxie on the Security Now podcast with Steve Gibson.
I installed it but it doesn't seem to work well with NVDA 2015.3 or window-eyes 8.4.
The installation detected my screen readers and offered me the chance to click a button that configures Sandboxie to handle screen readers.
Firefox becomes unresponsive right away when I run it in the sandbox. The title bar says firefox not responding.
Internet Explorer 11 doesn't even start up in the sandbox.
Is there a sandbox program that does work with NVDA?

Many thanks,

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