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Monica Jones

Lol, no, they aren’t trying to separate us; it’s their way of trying to help. I use both of them. I like the accessible site, but sometimes I’ve been to their regular site. I haven’t been to either in awhile though. If I had too much trouble with the regular site, I have called them and found their customer service very helpful. If that has changed, I haven’t heard.

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Well the accessibility site is just their mobile site! No that is not their intension at all to separate us. Yes the accessibility site is a streamline site as most mobile sites is and most accessibility sites is. Just like Google Gmail. It is a choice you can use it or use the standard site. I personally don’t have a problem with their accessibility site!




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I find the accessible site not to have everything the regular site has and I do not even know why they created a screenreaders site.  It saids your not equal and we want to keep you separte. Heather

Hi Bill,


If you look on Amazon or a similar website you might find better deals.  The accessible Amazon link for screenreader users is below.



Take care.
Mike, Go Dodgers!

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the problem I'm experiencing is that when I'm on their web site, I can
put all the stuff in there, but i can't seem to submit the order,
unless the free one does everything I need it to. can you be of
specifric help here?
Bill K.

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