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I do like the IPhone because they are accessible right out of the box, and I’m happy that they continue to be dedicated to accessibility. However, I don’t have a thing against Android. I’d like to work with one and become more acquainted. There are certain things I like; one is that I could use an SD card with one. I’ve played with my aunt’s phone just a little, and I’m trying to get to know Android’s gestures. However, since I can’t afford both, I will stick with my iPhone. I won’t argue with folks about which is the better phone. It’s like anything else in life; everyone has their preference. I don’t know much, but it sounds like Android is dedicated to accessibility also. I do wish they would make it where you could turn on the screen reader from the box. I might consider getting one of their tablets if they did.

Sent: Friday, March 18, 2016 9:28 AM
Subject: [TechTalk] I. phones

You coodent give me an iphone. I have Ben using androyd sense gingerbread. I considered gitting one for some for games like The Night Jar, an the like. Thair hasn't ben much differents en accessibility between the two o.s.'s en the last two years. What gets me is the proapple byus with people like the nfb an developers  like blindfold games is that thay thenk it's still six or seven years ago an TalkBack is still an enfent  When dev.s say if you want to play my games you can get an older iPhone like all the other blindy people. An when you have organizations like the nfb refewseing to make a Newsline app. androyd is so inaccessible is still what thay say as of two weeks ago. Witch is why I did not  renew my membership four or five years ago. At the time thay sayd I should support apple because it was accessible out of the box, even thoe I didn't like the interface


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