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To find things, there is the find command in Word and then there is your screen reader find command. These work very well, even in Notepad. I don’t know of a journal program other than the one in Outlook but there probably is one somewhere. I remember when I kept a diary in braille; I had one notebook and started a second. It was in high school. My cousins were children at the time, a few years later, they were fascinated with braille so I gave it to them to play with. I had stuff in there I couldn’t believe I had written, lol. If they could read it, they would not have gotten it, fascinated or not, grins.

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No privacy is not really the question . More wanting to know what they used to create one other than just a note pad or word pad or MS word in general. Did they use word and some kind of template or just use word and started writing in it. which would seem hard to find things in it and so on.  Without a template that would let you log in logs that could easy be found and so on.




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If you are concerned about privacy, protect the file in some way.  There are list members who know much more about this than I do but asking what to use to create the journal may have nothing to do with what you want to do.  This needs clarification.  And it may depend on how much protection you want.  You can store the file as a zip file and password protect the zip file.  Or I expect you can password protect the file itself which may give better protection or you may be able to encrypt it, which I would think, would give the best protection.



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Ok so what did you create it in?


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I have a journal in a file in Documents. It is about 175 pages long, after
all, I've lived for a while.

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Well, what do you all use for a Diary ? I don't want to use anything online
as this is not something I interested in putting online.  Maybe there is as
word template I could use or some kind of accessible program for windows?

I could use my iPhone and some kind of app if it came down to it but would
rather have something for windows PC.

At some point in time I do plan on getting A Mac . But it still will not be
my main computer. But could be used for something like a Diary.



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