Re: Windows Defender


in windows 10.
Windows Defender is very strong.
2 days back a client asked me to upgrade his laptop to windows 10 from
windows 7 home.
as I started the laptop I found it working slow and found lots of junk on it.
I removed it using jrt, adw cleaner and so on.
and would u know as I finished upgrading and oob and all as the laptop
finished windows defender sprang into action detected 2 worms and
removed them out.
it even went to that extent of asking me that it has to reboot the pc
to finish cleanup.

On 9/7/15, Monica Jones <> wrote:
I haven't had any luck with it in seven either. I brought it up and nothing

is there.

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From: James Bentley
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I had no luck using Windows Defender with Windows 10. It would scan, but I
never could find the results. I also could not figure out how to change

I don't have any of the same problems with MSE on Win7.


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From: Aidan
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It must be accessible. Its one of the less cluttered virus stuff.

On 04/09/2015, Joseph Hudson <> wrote:
Hi, Windows defender is not accessible.
Joseph Hudson
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I device support
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On Sep 4, 2015, at 3:56 PM, Monica Jones <> wrote:

I opened Defender on my computer a week or so ago and couldn't get
anything from it. Jaws wasn't giving me any information; I couldn't tell
if something was keeping it from working, or, or it just wasn't
accessible. I had heard someone say before that it was, so I wanted to
what it does.

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This is interesting information. Just this afternoon, we contacted
Scientific, because my McAfee that came with the computer is about to
expire. My husband has been pleased with Windows Defender for nearly two
years. He wanted to be sure that there would be no conflict with JAWS,
he and I both talked to Eric in Customer Service, who said that Windows
Defender and JAWS were compatible. I wonder if there is something else
JAWS friendly. I tried to find that out from him, but I can understand
position. He can say if something will or won't work, but cannot endorse
anything, since his job is support for JAWS.

Best from,


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My scan slows down at the same general area, 85%. Then out of nowhere
starts back up at normal speed and finishes. just let it run a while
see if it completes the scans.


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