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Well, yesterday, for example, I responded to something, that was already closed down by the admins. Woops!

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Yes that's the tricky bit with email lists - sometimes due to the
vagaries and magic of the internet, you can see a reply to something
hours or more before the original makes it's way to you.

On 7/09/2015 7:18 PM, rajmund wrote:
I also start from oldest to newest, and it can be embarrassing sometimes.

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Haha, most certainly. :)
Mainly wanted to make sure that I wasn't already missing an email that
had answered it, without me seeing it yet. I have a tendency to start at
the top of my list of messages and in times that I've more than usual, I
sometimes send messages that have already gotten better answers further
down, making me feel like a nutball. grins
Anyways, here we go! Wheee!

I see from the link:
that was posted a bit ago, that there may be two similar options. it
looks to me that using the first, to configure IMAP for mobile devices
may be the better and easier one. Being that it advices that this works
for use on laptops too, we'll give it a shot.
I just went through the beginning steps to create an account using and a fake password and it looks like thunderbird
automatically configures the correct ports and ssl settings for charter.
Just as long as you double check them and make sure they are still
correct, it should work.
If it's your first time running tb, it should bring up an area that lets
you add a new email account. You can also access this option through the
file menu, if you've got other emails configured. When it's asking you
for your account information, the first field, name, is where you'd
enter the name that should appear on outgoing messages, Bill. the next
two are your username and password. Be sure and use your full email
address in the username field, making sure to include the
at the end. Once you've entered in your username and password, pressing
tab should take you to a button that says, continue. press space on this
and then look for a button that says, manual configure. Pressing this
should take you to the area that contains the same configuration
information, but with the rest of the advanced options for the account.
the link that was posted earlier and that I re posted here basically
repeats everything, but I'll step through the fields here, to hopefully
make it easier to keep track of, while setting up the account.
We'll begin at the start of this information here, so, here are the
fields and their information, on each line.
You may have to press shift tab to reach the beginning, depending on
where it places you, so, look for a field that says, your name.
Your name: so, this is what your name will show to others who are
reading your messages. for me, as an example, Jeremy
email address: this is your email address or username. As I mentioned
before, just make sure to add the complete address, so, instead of just username.
Password: This should be the password for your account.
Remember password: It's a check box which does the obvious, tells the
client to remember your password. grins.
Next is the type of account, should be set to IMAP already.
Incoming: should be set to
next one is the port for incoming, so, 993
Next combo box should say, SSL/TLS
Next one should say, normal password
outgoing: should be set to again.
Port for this one is 587
Next two should be as before, so, SSL/TLS followed by normal password.
Even though the next two say incoming and outgoing, they do not contain
the same information as the previous ones. Enter your email address in
them instead.
As before, make sure to enter the full address, not just the username.
I can't really test to see if anything else needs to be done beyond this
point, but, pressing tab until you reach the done button and activating
it should work. You should be able to access your inbox for the account
now, sending and receiving messages as easy as pie. hehe
Hopefully that does the trick, and please feel free to let me know if
I'm missing anything or it doesn't work.
Take care.

On 9/6/2015 11:16 PM, Carlos wrote:
Hi Jeremy,
Feel free to discuss it on list in case others might find the
information useful.
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Haha, wasn't able to make it all the way through my emails earlier
today, so missed the information I'd been asking for. Bill, assuming
you still need help with configuring your client to work with IMAP on
Charter, either respond here or privately and I'll see what I can
come up with. My apologies for it taking a bit to get back, as I just
got home a bit ago, to an amazing mountain of emails. cackles

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