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Hi no you don’t need to uninstall the old office if you wish not to . But if you do make sure if not using IMAP all your emails and folders and such is backed up. It is good to do this even if you don’t remove office first . Also make sure your contacts is backed up somewhere as well as your calendar anand task and such.  Always backup just in case!

But yes either run the file or drop in the CD or whatever and let it do it thing and follow the instructions it gives you.

When I upgraded to office 2010 I did not uninstall office 2007 .

I also made a backup of my outlook data .




From: Walt Smith [mailto:ka3lists@...]
Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 4:35 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] Installing new version of MS Office


I'm going to be replacing my ancient version of the MS Office suite with a much newer one and need to know exactly how to proceed so that I don't lose anything important like all of my mail, which I've always processed using the old version of Outlook that's in my current Office package.


1. Should I uninstall my current Office installation or will this cause me to lose my Personal Folders (.pst) File where all of my mail is stored?


2. If this will cause me to lose everything, should I simply install the newer version of Office over the existing one? I have years of program updates that Windows has downloaded and installed to the various Office applications over time and obviously, my preference is to eliminate these both in order to recapture the disk space and avoid any possibility of corrupting the new installation with old updates that aren't relevant.


3. In short, how to proceed here? Many thanks for any voices of wisdom and experience.



Walt Smith - Clearwater, FL



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