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Allen West

On 4/2/16, Matt <> wrote:
Am I missing something here I do not see a response?

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On 4/2/16, Matt <> wrote:
Yes that is why I don't have any of them . Yes Crowd Viz is very good
as well but it is a paid thing where you pay for so many calls that is
connected. The price is not much and then Be my eyes is also good.
Both of these is much better than the color ID apps. Also TapTapSee is not
too bad.
I also just like to have someone I can face time and get my info.
Also if you do face book or something like that you could try snapping
a picture of it and then posting and asking friends up there. JST


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Yes, there are several in the App Store. Some are free and some cost,
you can spend just about any amount that you wish. None of these apps
are reliable that I have found, and some of them use names for colors
that do not mean anything that you could relate to one specific color.
Not your basic red, blue or green, or even shades of such colors. I
have heard that the Colorino Color Identifier does a pretty good job,
but this is a separate device which would have to be purchased. Not
sure of the price, over $100 however. The best apps for this sort of
thing are ones like Be My Eyes, Cam Find, or Tap Tap See where someone
either connected to you or working remotely identifies the color as
well as what an object is for you. Be My Eyes actually connects you to
a volunteer person who you can ask specific questions to since you are
talking to each other in real time..


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Subject: [TechTalk] color identifier

is there a color identifier app for the i-phone?, if so, what is it
called and how much does it cost?


There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See

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Aipoly vision and third eye are free and work just as well as the paid


This has happened before. I have tried to respond and on the first try
it doesn't show. Here is my orinal reply.

Aipoly vision and third eye are free apps. I find that they identify
colors as well as the paid apps.


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