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lance allison

can you hear the adds or are thay usfull ones

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The ads you get on the lock screen really are no problem at all. The only way you would see one is if you swiped over to get to it. It’s only on the lock screen so it’s gone as soon as you unlock the device which is very quick and easy to do.




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Yes I kind of like that as well that 50 buck one. But it is really not 50 bucks it is more like 70 bucks as you have to pay more not to get the advertisement on the lock screen which I think for a blind person would be a problem.




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Sent from TypeApp speaking of iPads I'm liking how the Fire tablet founded on the wine Bargains cast

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Yes but the person needs to know that they did not update the iPad mini yet. Maybe the next event. See link below on when the best time to upgrade any products that Apple makes. Of course this is a guide line.




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I like my mini. It depends on what you want to do. I use my ipad mini to read materials, listen to podcast, compose e-mails, facetime, and go online.  So if you just want to do this, it should fit your needs.  It is smaller than the ipad. I carry it around in my purse and run it off my celluar network when out in about or I join a secure network at the places I visit!  But if you are talking about the new ipads, I do not know about the new ipads to tell you which is better. Heather

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I am thinking of getting an  I pad or I pad mini. If I choose the mini, will I still get the  processing power and I O S  as the regular I pad?




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