remote computer issue

Daniel McBride

Dear Groups:

I hope you all had a nice weekend and that the NCAA fans are looking forward
to enjoying tonight's championship game between North Carolina and
Villanova. Now for my question.

On Saturday, I was in a music folder document that had 100 songs in the
folder. I accidentally hit a keystroke that resulted in the song titles
being arranged in descending, or reverse, alphabetical order. I struggled to
locate the view menu to undo this and could not locate said menu to restore
to ascending alphabetical order. I called my sighted wife to the computer to
assist me. Then she accidentally clicked on an arrow that had something to
do with a remote computer.

Now, when I go to my documents folder and attempt to open a document, I get
a message that says my remote request has failed and I cannot open any of my
documents. My wife and I do not know how to undo whatever it is she did to
link to a remote computer. I am hopeful that someone can tell us how to
accomplish this task. As always, thanks in advance.

My computer is an HP desktop PC, running Windows 7, Microsoft 2010 and Jaws

Daniel McBride, Fort Worth

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