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Carolyn Arnold

Never thought about that. Wouldn't I have to pay the monthly payments of
$70 owed for the months until the contract end?

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Well, if you would save enough money and you would have to do the math
you could buy out your Verizon contract.

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Problem is, we've got to get through this Verizon contract. I don't see
us making any changes, which makes the thing start all over again. At the
end of this two years, we can reevaluate.

The iPhone is in a blue Otter Box case. A lady at the grocery store
wanted us to sign up for coupons. I said, we'd have to print them?" She
said she could send to the phone. I said, "he has an iPhone." He said,
"you mean this blue boy here?" He pulled it out and she did whatever had
to be done, and now when the coupons come, he can just show from his
phone at the store.
It's called digital coupons.

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Sis Carolyn, you could pay that $70 price for two phones on H2O Wireless
as a prepaid service, no contracts, bring your own phone, GSM only on the
AT&T platform. And if your phones support it, you'll get 4G LTE service
to boot.
It's also unlimited talk and text nationwide.

Denver, Colorado

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