Re: my IPhone freezes


Hi, try to take all your apps out of the app switcher and close them out
once a day and reboot your device. This will keep most problems down. It
only takes a minute or two at most if that to do this. Just remember these
smart phones is first of all small computers then phone last . So like any
computer it needs restarting ever so often and with these smart phones
usually more than a desktop computer. I usually do it first thing when I get
up in the morning or right before I go to bed take all things out of the app
switcher and then reboot.

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thanks for helping me with the IPhone. I hadn't read your message before I
called Apple, and they suggested as you suggested holding the power and home
buttons down and that did it for me. It was really weird, I was in the app
store trying to buy the bsq product when she froze up.
Bill k.

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