making a recovery drive image for a ChromeBook 11 Acer it won't read at all no matter what I do


Hi, all.
This is one of those troubleshooting mysteries I have not been able to undo. I've been trying desperately to make a drive imaging thing with Windows 10. What I've noticed is that the BIN file won't open with the image creator. I am using Windows 10, and trying to burn the recovery file to a 4 to 8 GB pen drive, but every single move I've made rendered it unreadable, and a dialogue pops up saying "unable to read" and gives a dialogue with a path and a log file, which then gives an Error 21. What is that error and how do I correct it?
I've tried the following:
1. I've taken the image file out of its folder in a copy and done it that way.
2. I've tried running the image creator as a lesser user and then as administrator on Win10, still no luck. So seems we are in a bind. I'm trying to recover my boyfriend's ChromeBook Acer 11, but have not had luck.
Thanks for any help in advance. And as for the ChromeBook, it keeps on looping around and not starting properly. That's why I'm attempting recovery.

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