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Walter Ramage

Hi.  With the old and new, I used a USB dac.  Walter.


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You said a new motherboard was installed.  The motherboard has a built-in sound card.  It may be a better quality sound-card than was in the old one.  I don't know if anything else might effect sound quality in the work you had done.  I'm not saying the mp3 files can't or don't sound good.  But no matter who records them and how, they can't sound as good as a file recorded in a lossless format. 

By definition, mp3 files leave out some sound as one way they reduce their size.  If your tech uses a lossless format, his statement is not correct.  He may think the best mp3 files sound as good as some sort of losseless format, but they can't, whether he can hear the difference or not. 


I like good sound but I am not a fanatic regarding audio.  I use and am satisfied with 320bit mp3 files for music.  But I have done comparisons between a cdrom and an mp3 file I ripped of the same material and listening on reasonably good equipment, there is a noticeable difference.  I would think the difference would be more noticeable with some kinds of material than with others.



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Subject: [TechTalk] Improved sound quality, wonder why


Hi folks.   a couple of months back my PC had a power supply problem and also required a new mother board.  Trying to find out the trouble took a bit of time as my computer guy ordered the parts and they went missing and he had to re-order.  The whole thing took around 5 weeks before I could get my PC up and running again.  When I did and played some music through my hi-Fi I was astonished to hear the sound reproduction had dramatically improved, and I don't just mean a little, it is a huge improvement.  My computer guy was here this morning for another matter not concerning my PC but another computer I have but I asked his opinion on the improved sound quality.  He noticed it right away and felt that although I was playing mp3 tracks at 320kbs, he said it sounded identical to the hd sound on his music tracks, he buys hd definition tracks.  I was wondering just why the difference from before and now?  Everything is the same, my sound set up has not changed in any way.  The only thing that has changed is the power supply and the motherboard.  I can't see the power supply impacting on sound quality but the mother board is different.  The old one was a Gigabite but the new one is Msi? or is it IMS, I really can't remember but whereas the old motherboard had usb 3 ports, this one has usb 3.1.  I'm wondering if this is what is making the difference.  Do any of you use usb3.1 ports and if so, has it made a difference to your sound quality?  That is the only thing I can think of that would make a difference.  Opinions welcome.  Walter.




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