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Hi, I do defrag my data drive but not that often maybe once every year . But It might need to be done more often if you are deleting things from it very often and you are changing things on it fairly often. It don’t hurt to defrag it . It is no different than defragging any other drive. Now if it is a SSD that is different. So if it is not a SSD then I would say it would be ok to defrag once a week if it needed it.




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Hi there!
I defrag all my drives, I have it set up to defrag on a weekly basis.  I suspect though that unless you are placing and removing a large amount of data onto this drive that it isn't all that crucial.  I might be wrong, and if so someone will correct me.  I do believe however, that if you are using a solid state drive, that takes some other defrag utility.  Hope this helps! Good Luck & Have A Good Day! de

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Hi All,


Is it good practice to defrag your data drives from time to time?  Thanks much.

Take care.
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